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Chicken Layena Free Range - Feed Bag Tote

Chicken Layena Free Range - Feed Bag Tote

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Our 'Chicken Layena' feed bag is turned into this multi-purpose chicken tote.  Great bag for almost anything.  The fabric is a heavy duty plastic - the feed in this bag holds 50 pounds of seed, so can hold a lot of stuff.

We like to reuse and repurpose items here at the Farmhouse when we can. These feedbags are not only cute but they make a strong, water resistant tote bag.  Our doves and chickens go through a lot of feed each month and we are excited that Tilisa's mom is now sewing these bags into multi-purpose upcycled tote bags.

*Bag Size:

  Width - 15 inches

  Height - 15 inches

  Deep - 6 inches

  Handle Drop - 7.5 inches

*each bag is hand sewn by mom and may vary just a little bit in size.