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Bee Happy HAIR - Repair & Hydrate - Honey, Argan Oil, Vitamins, Aloe Vera, Flax Seed, Essential Oils

Bee Happy HAIR - Repair & Hydrate - Honey, Argan Oil, Vitamins, Aloe Vera, Flax Seed, Essential Oils

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Hair just got Happy!  We blended the finest ingredients to create the most luscious shampoo and conditioner that leaves hair clean, radiant, silky soft and finishes with a special blend of essential oils proven to improve hair health.

Restores Shine & Softens - Strengthens & Improves Hair Elasticity

For All Hair Types:  our shampoo and conditioner is safe for all hair types including straight, curly, thinning, colored, oily and coarse.

Comes with an added bonus of effective and smell-good essential oils that are perfectly blended that is an uplifting aroma that is sure to make you feel like you’ve just left the salon. Here is a list of our hair loving, plant based essential oils used and why they are so amazing...

  • Cedarwood -  known for it's hair-growth stimulants and work to increase circulation along your scalp. In addition, Cedarwood oil reduces flaking and strengthens damaged hair.
  • Thyme - rich in vitamins and minerals, thyme oil is an antifungal, antibacterial and antioxidant-rich oil and encourages healthy hair when used frequently. One of the best benefits of thyme essential oil for hair is its ability to treat dry scalp - the dry, flaky and patchy skin then causes skin conditions like scalp eczema, scalp irritation, and dandruff.

  • Argan - a farmhouse favorite, argan oil has a rich vitamin E content and is packed with nutrients and offers many benefits. One of which is preventing abrasive hair damage. Prolonged use of Argan can lead to healthier, longer, frizz-free hair. It can also prompt speedier hair growth. 
  • Rosemary - rosemary oil is known for its powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It can help to condition and strengthen the hair and also works to reduce damage and breakage, making the hair appear stronger. Additionally, some studies have shown that rosemary oil can help to boost hair growth; it is thought to help improve circulation in the scalp, which, by increasing blood flow, may help to stimulate hair growth much like minoxidil [aka rogaine].
  • Sage - Along with controlling hair loss, sage can aid in the regeneration of new hair follicles. Sage can help to improve the circulation of blood to the scalp, which in turn helps to nourish the hair follicles. Using sage regularly can help to improve the overall quality of your hair and rejuvenate dry or thinning hair.
  • Peppermint - Peppermint oil can boost circulation to the scalp. This feeds your hair roots and may aid in hair growth! Helps to fight dandruff by removing excess oil and build up from the scalp. The cooling sensation from the menthol in peppermint oil can provide a soothing feel and possibly help ease itchy scalp. Overall peppermint oil is good for your hair by boosting its look and shine, making it appear healthier and more vibrant.
  • Eucalyptus - Soothes dry and itchy scalp with the antibacterial properties help clean and stimulate hair follicles, improving circulation and instantly soothing itchiness and dandruff. Balances oily scalp and hair with the natural astringent properties of eucalyptus help unclog hair follicles and regulate sebum on the scalp. Promotes healthy hair growth by unclogging and stimulating hair follicles, which improves healthy hair and stimulates growth. Increases elasticity by nourishing and strengthening the hair shaft and improves elasticity, preventing frequent breakage.
  • Lavender - strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Regularly applying lavender oil improves hair texture by conditioning the hair follicles, reducing frizz, and making the hair fall control. This fragrant oil also helps averts hair loss by treating dandruff and reducing pattern baldness.

HONEY! - we love this natural gold and what it can do for your hair... honey can promote cell growth, help retain moisture, and restore nutrients to the hair and scalp, adds shine to dull hair, and helps protect hair from breakage.

The finest ingredients: Not only are you getting the best argan oil sourced from Morocco, but we added Vitamins A, B5, C & E along with flaxseed extract and aloe vera to improve hair elasticity and strength. With regular use, hair follicles are repaired, hydrated and feel amazing.